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Apple River stabbing trial: Prosecution questions Nicolae Miu | I was Right!!!

Nicolae Miu caught in way too many lies for a jury to say he is innocent
  1. Proves he lied about the knife,

  2. He lied to the cops saying he wasn't the stabber when being detained,

  3. He tried to hide the murder weapon,

  4. He lied about the urgency to find the phone.

  5. His friend who's phone it was Ernesto said "it was insured don't worry about it."

  6. His second friend testified also saying to not worry about it, "don't bother the kids, they might think you are a predator".🧐

Memory inconsistencies

Ignoring the warning

Nicolae Miu tried to pretend to be a bystander and acted like he had nothing to do with it.

Apple River stabbing Nicolae Miu trial: Closing Prosecution Final Arguments

As you just heard Mr. Troxsey say, his entire defense is based on what Nick Mu told you during his testimony was thoughts in his head, beliefs in his head. What do we know about Nick Mu? We know he's smart, speaks multiple languages, has a couple of degrees, one's in math, he's a calculating person, He's a cunning person. He's a skilled and prolific liar. We know that because every word that came out of his mouth practically since he started walking away from this group was a lie. Including to his best friend who he said they took my knife while the knife is still on him. The things he said to Sheriff Knutson where he pretended to not know what was going on. And then everything he said to

investigator Hart, Lieutenant Hart. He is skillful at crafting a story that matches what he needs to say to avoid the consequences for his actions. We all know that, it's undisputed. He told you himself, he's a liar, all right? He did not just lie about the knife. He lied about all kinds of crazy things, bizarre things. Why would he say that these boys pulled his pants down? What a bizarre lie to make up, right? Why would he say the two boys pulled knives on him? He's got to say that because he knows what he did wasn't justified. He thinks to himself, if I say one boy pulled a knife, that would be good, but if it's two, that would be better. So he crafts this elaborate story.

His entire defense... rests on you believing what he said on the stand yesterday. His testimony was a disaster. He got caught in several lies on the stand. He changed his answers a couple of times when he realized that what he said wasn't helpful to his defense, right? He consistently remembered details from July 30th, 2022 that benefits his defense. but doesn't remember anything about what he did, any of the facts, any of the stories that he told Lieutenant Hart, how is that possible that he can only remember the facts, the beliefs he had that assist his defense and nothing else? How many times did he say on the stand, I don't remember, I don't remember? I don't remember. He repeated it over and over and over again.

Because he doesn't want to answer questions about what he did because he knows dang well it wasn't justified. He's lying. He's lying. One of the many things I'm going to be grateful about when this is done is that I never have to hear again that the actions he took that day was the fault of these boys. That's ridiculous. It's despicable. There's never been any explanation from the defense as to why Nick Mew ran up on these boys, why he grabbed their tubes, why he was groping around where their legs were. They don't even respond to it. They didn't bring it up. There is no explanation. That behavior is inexplicable. He's a bizarre person. He made bizarre choices that day. It is not their fault.

It is not their fault. I'll say it a hundred times. It's not their fault. These boys have beat themselves up every day since this happened. You saw the raw emotion on the stand. Their best friend was murdered by this guy. And to say that it's their fault is despicable. Nobody's responsible for Nick Mew's choices but him himself. He chose violence at every turn. There's been some question about whether he's fragile. Part of him is fragile. His ego is fragile. As his attorney had said early last week when he's questioning these boys, you were trying to humiliate him. You were trying to insult him. You were taunting him. He was humiliated. He was insulted. He didn't like these boys treating him like that. He certainly didn't like Madison Cohen.

getting in his face, so to speak. And eventually, he did just snap. He pulled his knife out, getting ready for violence, pulls it out, holds it down where nobody can see it, holds it at his side, and then hits her. That started the violence. He prepared for the violence before he started it. He felt humiliated, and he wasn't going to let it go. I asked him, did you ever take a step back? At any time when she was yelling at you? No. With no explanation. We're dealing with what we call false narratives in this case. things that the defense repeats over and over and over again, hoping that you think it's fact. One of these is this 13-to-1 narrative. We've heard it a hundred times in this trial.

This is not a 13-to-1 situation. We've got six teenage boys standing on the side by their tubes. He's confronted by the two girls. Everybody else is in the background. He hits Madison Cohen when he's only got two girls standing in front of him. After the fight, it's one-on-one to start. It's Dante hitting him, and then arguably two-on-one when AJ comes up and pushes him in the back. Tony breaks it up. The fight's done. He gets off. And AJ, of course, has already tore open, so he's laying in the river. But that's the end of the fight. Esther Mew continued violence. He chose more violence after that part of the fight was done. Tony, who did exactly what his dad told him to do, came up to try to break it up.

You can hear him telling Dante, his brother, get away, get back. Mr. Mew turns around and stabs him, and Tony blocks it and stabs him again. He chose violence at every turn. There's another false narrative. They circled him. They surrounded him. Baloney, you've seen the video how many times there's open water everywhere. That he was attacked from all directions. False narrative. He said that Owen Pellaquin testified that they stuck around because they wanted to see how it played out. That's true, but what he didn't mention is that Owen also said, we wanted to make sure he didn't do anything to this woman. And you know what? Those instincts were exactly right. Those instincts were right. He keeps talking about how these boys wanted to make a video.

while they were making a video. What does that matter? They didn't start the violence. None of those boys laid a hand on him, despite the fact that he touched both Joanne Cockfield and Landon Wire when he ran up on them in their tubes. Nobody laid a hand on him until after he had already stabbed a number of people. Isaac Schumann tried to stop him. He got killed for his efforts. He seems to be arguing... The defense seems to be arguing that Isaac somehow deserved it. I don't understand that argument. He's trying to protect people. He calls Maddie Cohen the queen of the river, and he calls her a bully, calls her a number of other unkind things. Her testimony was, and it's clear from the video, she was trying to protect these boys.

She saw that he was over there doing something, but it was freaking them out. She tried to protect them. You know, maybe if we had more people on the river trying to protect people, the world would be a better place. They've made, over and over, they've argued that Maddie was never punched because she has no marks on her face. Nick Mew, who is Mr. Tross, he said, was lifted off of his feet by the punch from Dante, punched in the jaw and fell in the river, gets up, and there's no marks on his face. We have pictures from him. We have the video. We have his interview with Lieutenant Hart later. We have the pictures that the jail nurse took five hours after.

There's no bruising. There's no puffiness. There's no swelling. The fact that they're arguing that Matty had no mark doesn't matter because he didn't either. It happens. They're trying to say that he was terrified. His face tells a different story. He has expressions of anger. He has expressions of, I guess, humor. He's smiling. He's smirking. After he has his knife out, he clearly feels comfortable. There's no look of terror in his face at any time. K.J. Martin was not armed. He pushed Mr. Mew in the back. We know that. He didn't kick him. He didn't punch him. He didn't hold his head underwater. He pushed him in the back. And for that, he got a incision on his body from his belt line all the way up.

You saw the pictures. It's horrible. He used no weapon against Mr. Mew. They made a big deal about Lieutenant Hart telling Mr. Mew in the interview that she would have been scared too. Well, she made that response after he'd been feeding her a load of BS about all this stuff that supposedly happened. About having two kids pulling knives on him and pulling his pants down and all the baloney that he fed her. Based on that, she said, yeah, I would have been scared too. They were arguing that he had no intent to kill Isaac. Isaac weighed 134 pounds at the time. He's 250. He rams his knife up, up, not down, up, severing two of Isaac's ribs right into his heart. All right?

If he didn't intend to kill him, why not stab him in the belly? Right into his heart. We've heard no explanation whatsoever as to why he stabbed Riley Madison. We know from the video she's standing off in the background after Tony's trying to break it up. He just walked over and stabbed her. She wasn't attacking him. They don't explain that because there is no explanation. None. He wasn't in fear for his life from Riley Madison. She said she was 110 pounds now and might have been 115 back then. There's no fear for his life. He just was mad because she touched him. They've talked a little bit about extraneous factors. It's not just medical attention that can be an extraneous factor. As we know, multiple people on the river stopped to help these folks.

Putting compressions on. One witness said they used a sandwich bag to try to make a chest compression. There was a lot of interventions for these folks. We know with Riley Madison specifically that Larian Davis and his brother, we saw it on the video, got her to shore on a tube. People went out of their way to help these folks. These are extraneous factors. But another extraneous factor is he just got unlucky. If he, as Mr. Anderson had said, We've got arteries, we've got organs. Dr. Meyer said that whenever you have an abdomen wound, you have to check all those things. It's kind of a miracle that more people didn't get killed. It's not by anything he did. He just got lucky. Missed major organs and arteries.

The bottom line is he had four hours from the time that he was arrested, to the time that he concocted this ridiculous story about the boys pulling knives on him and pulling his pants down and all this other bizarre baloney, he used his intellect, because we know he's smart, to craft this story. And he was very deliberate and detailed because he wanted to come up with a story that he thought would be sufficient to convince people that he acted in self-defense. We know he lied about all of it. So now today, he's saying, well, sure, I lied about everything I said when I talked to Lieutenant Hart about what happened, but now I'm telling the truth. So now believe me. No, no, no.

You have my full confidence. I know you're going to return just verdict of guilty and deliver justice to Isaac Schuman and everybody else who got hurt by this man. Thank you. Now, members of the jury, the duties of counsel in the court have been performed. The case has been argued by counsel. The court has instructed you regarding the rules of law that should govern you and your deliberations. The time has now come when the great burden of reaching a just, fair, and conscientious decision of this case is to be thrown wholly upon you, the jurors, selected for this important duty. You will not be swayed by sympathy, prejudice, or passion. You will be very careful and deliberate in weighing the evidence. I charge you to keep your duty steadfastly in mind and as upright citizens to render a just and true verdict.

You are to decide only whether Mr. Mew is guilty or not guilty of the offenses charged. Any consequences of your verdict are matters for the court alone to decide and they must not affect your deliberations. Multiple forms of verdict will be submitted to you concerning the charges against the defendant, Nikolai Mew. For count one, five forms of verdict will be submitted. They read, as to count one of the information, Isaac Schuman, the jury finds Nikolai Mew guilty of first degree intentional homicide as charged. Another form, as to count one of the information, Isaac Schuman, the jury finds Nikolai Mew guilty guilty of second degree intentional homicide as submitted. Another form, as to count one of the information, Isaac Schuman, the jury finds Nikolai Miu guilty of first degree reckless homicide as submitted.

Another form, as to count one of the information, Isaac Schuman, the jury finds Nikolai Miu guilty of second degree reckless homicide as submitted. Lastly, As to count one of the information, Isaac Sherman, the jury finds Nikolai Mew not guilty. Return only one for your verdict. If you return a guilty verdict, you must also answer this question. Did Mr. Mew commit the crime while using a dangerous weapon? As to count two, five forms of verdict will be submitted. They read... As to count one of the information, Alexander Martin, the jury finds Nikolai Miu guilty of attempted first degree intentional homicide as charged. Another form. As to count two of the information, Alexander Martin, the jury finds Nikolai Miu guilty of attempted second degree intentional homicide as submitted.

Another form. As to count two of the information, Alexander Martin, the jury finds Nikolai Miu guilty of first degree recklessly endangering safety as submitted. Another form. As to count two of the information, Alexander Martin, the jury finds Nikolai Miu guilty of second degree recklessly endangering safety as submitted. Finally, as to count two of the information, Alexander Martin, the jury finds Nikolai Miu not guilty. Again, return only one for your verdict. If you return a guilty verdict, you must also answer the dangerous weapon question. As to counts three, Dante Carlson, count four, Anthony Carlson, and count five, Riley Madison, the court will give you five verdict forms for each count that are worded similar to the ones given to you for count two. As to count six, Madison Cohen, two forms of verdict will be submitted.

One reading, as to count six of the information, Madison Cohen, the jury finds Nikolai Mew guilty of battery as charged. Next, as to count six of the information, Madison Cohen, the jury finds Nikolai Mew not guilty. Again, if you return the guilty verdict, you must answer the dangerous weapon question. It is for you to determine whether Mr. Mew is guilty or not guilty of each of the six counts submitted to you. You must make a finding as to each count of the information. Each count charges a separate crime, and you must consider each one separately. Your verdict for the crime charged in one count must not affect your verdict on any other count. This is a criminal, not a civil case. Therefore, before the jury may return a verdict which may legally be received, the verdict must be reached unanimously.

In a criminal case all 12 jurors must agree in order to arrive at a verdict. When you retire to the jury room, select one of your members to preside over your deliberations. The presiding jurors vote is entitled to no greater weight than the vote of any other juror. If you need to communicate with the court while you are deliberating, send a note through the bailiff signed by the presiding juror. To have a complete record of this trial, It is important that you communicate with the court only by a written note. If you have questions, the court will talk with the attorneys before answering, so it may take some time. You should continue your deliberations while you wait for an answer. The court will answer any questions in writing or orally here in open court.

When you have agreed upon your verdict, have it signed and dated by the person you have selected to preside. After you have reached a verdict, The presiding juror will notify the bailiff that a verdict has been reached. Everyone will return to the courtroom. The verdict will be read into the record in open court. The court may ask each of you if you agree with the verdict. At this time, please administer the oath to the bailiff. You swear that you will, at your utmost ability, keep all jurors on this trial together in some private and convenient place subject to the direction of the court until they have agreed upon their verdict and that they are discharged by the court and that you will not, before they render their verdict, communicate to any person the state of their deliberations or the verdict that they have agreed upon.

So I'll do that. I will. The bailiff has extra copies of the jury instructions. I imagine you'll probably want to consult with them during the course of your deliberations. I believe he has four or five sets. If you need more, let him know and I will print more for you. He also has the verdict forms in each of the manila envelopes, one envelope per count. If you reach a verdict, please put that verdict signed by the foreperson back into the envelope. The other forms that you don't use can be discarded, but there only should be one verdict form returned back in each envelope. Now, members of the jury, as I mentioned to you at the beginning of the trial, only 12 jurors can deliberate.

Two alternates were seated in the event that we lost jurors due to health, emergency, or some form of misconduct. The alternates have been determined by lot by the clerk of court. The alternate jurors are not released from jury duty. Alternate jurors may be called upon to deliberate if we happen to lose one of the 12 jurors during the course of deliberations. So basically the alternates are needed to be at the ready and stand by in the event that they are needed. The alternate jurors will be free to leave the building, but you may not talk about this case with anyone. You may not research or investigate the case on your own. You may not read social media posts. You may not read news reports about this case.

If we need an alternate juror to participate in deliberations, the clerk of court will contact you. So we'll need a phone number before you leave. You will be expected to return relatively quickly. So please stay close to home or close to your place of work if it's nearby. We will keep your personal notes safe in a secure private location in the event that you're called upon to deliberate. At this time, I'll ask for the envelope. Thank you. The two alternate jurors are Darren. He may, if you'd like to have a private place where you can eat it here in the courthouse, will provide you with that facility. But the alternate jurors may not eat with The other 12 because the other 12 may begin their deliberations once they are back in the deliberation room.

Please take the jury out. I'll rise for the jury. Please be seated. Mr. Anderson, do you have any objection to the manner in which I read the jury instructions? No. Mr. Troffese, do you? No, sir. All right. The alternate juror forms, or the alternate... I don't want to call this. The jurors selected for 12 deliberation, the 12 jurors selected for deliberation are listed on the form if either of you need to see it. The clerk has it. You may look at it. Before we adjourn, attorneys, please stay close by in case there are questions. I do want to compliment both of you, actually all of you, on your conduct and demeanor during the course of this trial. It is difficult subject matter. It is difficult law to get your mind around.

These were tragic events, traumatic events, and I thought you carried yourselves with dignity during these proceedings. And I think your clients, the victims, and the community should be proud of the way that you have administered justice today. You both have given this jury a lot to think about. We stand in recess.

🚨Watch here to understand exactly what all happened that day at the Apple River Stabling incident. Nicholae Miu runs up to the kids, not the other way around‼️