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🚨BREAKING NEWS: Over 100 secretly filmed videos of US service members, uploaded to PornHub🍆👌👈😱 without consent, have sparked a major investigation. 🙄🤣

#ServiceMembers #PornHub #Warrant 💔 Revelations is here👀

Over 100 Secretly Filmed US Service Members' Videos Discovered on PornHub

In a shocking revelation, over 100 nonconsensual and secretly filmed sexual videos of US service members stationed at Naval Base Guam were discovered on the popular adult website, PornHub. The videos, which included audio, depicted various US military members masturbating in bathroom stalls to pornographic materials viewed on electronic devices. The videos were uploaded by a user named "playguy148" and were available on the site for about a week before being taken down following notification from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).

The investigation into this incident began in January 2020 when the NCIS was notified of the presence of these videos on PornHub. The videos not only included footage from the base in Guam but also featured identifiable service members, some in uniform. The discovery has raised concerns about privacy and security for service members stationed in Guam.

The Naval Base Guam houses the USS Emory S. Land and the USS Frank Cable, two vessels with mixed-gender crews of about 900 sailors and 150 civilians. The videos were uploaded to PornHub without the knowledge or consent of the service members involved, leading to a significant investigation by the NCIS.

A warrant was filed in September 2020, seeking details about the identity of the user responsible for uploading the videos. This warrant application had been sealed by the court until recently, and its unsealing has brought the issue to light. The incident bears a resemblance to the Marines United scandal of 2017, which involved active-duty Marines sharing nude photos of service members through a private Facebook group.

The case has sparked outrage and concern among military personnel and the public alike, prompting a call for better privacy and security measures to protect service members from such nonconsensual acts. The incident also raises questions about the responsibilities of websites like PornHub in preventing the publication of nonconsensual content.

This case is still under active investigation, with efforts to identify and hold accountable those responsible for the filming and uploading of these videos. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of respecting the privacy and dignity of all individuals, especially those serving in the armed forces.

It is still a mystery to who could have planted the hidden cameras all around. 🙄

Michael didn't want to stick around for the coming out party it seems. 🙄👇

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