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🛸👽 Not falling for the 2024 alien deception that's supposed to happen! 🤔 Keep your eyes on the skies, but also on the facts! 👀

#StayAwake #AlienHoax #QuestionEverything #BlueBeam #MJ12🔍

The Disinfo just keeps pouring out gearing people up for the great deception scheduled this year in 2024 Project Blue Beam

Ronald Reagan Alien Threat from Outer Space

Hologram Projectors in the Sky This tech has been worked on since the 1950s

The planned deception is in the year 2024. A massive fake alien invasion using Blue Beam, Drones, and other special crafts using D.E.W. weapons to destroy targeted cited all over the world.

This is another Disinfo campaign about MH370

It is the fakest sht I have ever seen, and the guy talking is trying to say it is the realest looking thing🤣 All a bs psyop.