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🚨Robert De Niro Suffers MeltDown: ‘Trump Voters Want To Fck With The Rest of The Country’🙄

What a pOS Robert De Niro really is

According to Hollywood star Robert De Niro, who made the embarrassing allegation that Trump voters "want to fck with the rest of the country" during a meltdown on ABC's The View on Tuesday, they are driven by "anger and hate."

With a foul language and extensive editing, De Niro restated his intention to “punch [Trump] in the face” and devised a fresh campaign tagline for the likely Republican nominee.

"It seems like he wants to do the worst that he possibly could to show this country, to f— with us," De Niro remarked. "F— America, I want to f— America" ought to be his catchphrase.

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