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🚨 Wisconsin Presidential 2020 Election: 64,000 ballots in support of Joe Biden were Xeroxed at city hall. #2020Election #TruthExposed

#ElectionFraud #Unbelievable #Xeroxgate Election Clerk Removed from Position in Wisconsin's Largest City

In a recent development, the most controversial election clerk from Wisconsin's largest city has been dismissed from her position.

Claire Woodall-Vogg, who was at the center of allegations regarding the 2020 presidential election, was removed from her role amid claims of misconduct and fraud. According to various sources, Woodall-Vogg allegedly played a significant role in what some have called "stealing" the 2020 election.

The accusations include claims that she was involved in the printing of 64,000 ballots in the back conference room of City Hall, Room 501, for the November 3rd, 2020 election. It is alleged that city employees and others filled out some of these ballots on the 4th and 6th floors of city hall and that observers were kicked out around 10-10:30 PM on November 3rd.

Additionally, it is claimed that large amounts of ballots were brought in at 1:15 AM on November 4th, all of which is being labeled as illegal and unconstitutional.

These allegations have been circulating on social media and have generated considerable debate and concern among the public.

However, it is important to note that these claims have not been independently verified by official sources.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has not issued any statements or reports confirming such events. In response to these allegations, Woodall-Vogg has been removed from her position.

The reasons for her dismissal have not been officially disclosed, and it is unclear whether the allegations played a role in the decision.

This situation underscores the importance of transparency and integrity in the electoral process.

As the public seeks answers and clarification on these claims, it is crucial to rely on credible sources and official reports to obtain accurate and verified information.

The removal of Woodall-Vogg from her position marks a significant development in the ongoing discussion surrounding the 2020 presidential election. As more information becomes available, it will be essential for the public to remain informed and engaged in the pursuit of truth and accountability.

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