August 14, 2022 1:00 am
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Youtube and other Big Tech Platforms are Dying fast in 2022 – Turning to a 1984 Dystopian bot Ghost Town

The old major platforms like Youtube, Facebook, etc…  has went through a lot of changes in the last 6 years.

Update 12/01/22/: Twitter now under new ownership Elon Musk and is doing a 360 now on censorship. Elon states to restore free speech. Stay tuned.

Now these platforms no longer allow free speech, or alternative opinions to any conversations that goes against their paid narratives and agendas.

Ending the public communications between everyone in the world and now controlling agenda’s and narratives indoctrinating today’s youth with socialist beliefs and actions. Denying a person the right to say what experience he or she shared with anything is total garbage and just plain censorship.

They are treating grown adults as if they are children, and want to 100% be in control of the content you are able to watch.

George Orwell predicted this, but it is not that hard to foretell the truth, when history shows us people are always fighting for power.

People are no longer able to give proper reviews to products on the market that could be complete garbage because they will block anyone and anything that tries to prove them wrong, or a product could be bad for you.

This even applies to food companies like monsanto. For years, from 2001 through 2014 they use to censor people about Monsanto, and say it was a conspiracy theory, and ban Facebook accounts/ groups / Youtube channels.


They are doing the same thing now with COVID19 vaccine injuries and deaths. These big tech platforms are complicit in hiding the warnings from victims, doctors, nurses, scientist, and so many more professional opinions, about how dangerous the new experimental MrNA COVID vaccines are to the people.


Many Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts have been banned and deleted just for people telling their stories what happened to them.

This video was banned on all the big tech platforms.

There are many many channels from Youtube that has been purged, same for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

These are real people telling you their stories and big tech is silencing them from warning others about what can happen to them.  Big-tech is now just a 1984 dystopian environment. There is no real information you can get out of these platforms without trying to weigh through all the politics and narratives they are all aligned with.

These platforms are making it impossible for anyone to be warned about serious injuries and deaths and should be ashamed of themselves. They are all complicit to murder and work together to keep it all covered up.

The Mass Genocide Cover up – Video


COVID19 Genocide – Watching the World Die – Video


Athletes dying average age is now about 23 – Video

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