September 28, 2022 12:50 pm
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White House Pool Reporter Ignores Biden’s Attempt to Find Deceased Congresswoman in Crowd

The White House Print Press Pool reporter did not report that President Biden looked for Representative Jackie Walorksi in the crowd today, despite her having tragically passed away in a fatal car accident in August.

Biden mistakenly asked the crowd “Jackie are you here? Where’s Jackie?” before adding “I don’t think she was going to be here.” 

White House

One poll has found that a majority of Americans are concerned about Biden’s mental health.

The gaffe did not, however, make it into the official White House Print Press Pool report, which media outlets look to for their White House reporting. 

Arthur Schwartz took to Twitter to ask the press pool reporter, Alexander Nazaryan, why Biden’s attempt to find a deceased Congresswoman in the crowd did not make the pool report. Nazaryan is a Senior White House Correspondent for Yahoo News.

Nazaryan said in a tweet that while a memorial video to Representative Walorski was played at the event, neither Biden nor the press were there when it was played. 

Nazaryan did not, however, address questions as to why Biden’s attempt to search for Walorski in the crowd did not make his pool report.

Spencer Lindquist is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SpencerLndqst and reach out at

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