December 16, 2022 5:17 pm
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White Christmas? Meteorologists Warn Of Potential “Blizzard Over East Coast”

Long-range weather models forecast the increasing possibility of a white Christmas for parts of the Northeast. 

“Some of the models are depicting a weather pattern taking shape that could result in very cold air pouring into the central and eastern United States next week — which could set the stage for a potential winter storm along the East Coast heading into Christmas weekend,” media outlet NJ.Com wrote. 

NY NJ PA Weather’s meteorologist Steven DiMartino said there’s still uncertainty around forecasts but says signs are emerging of a potential East Coast winter storm next week. 

DiMartino said atmospheric patterns and a few weather models show what appears to be a developing storm that has the “potential to be pretty impressive.” 

“However, before anyone starts putting out snow maps or anything else that you might see on social media, understand there are a lot of moving parts in this storm,” he noted.

“You have a disturbance in the subtropical jet stream, interaction with the Gulf stream — which is a very warm body of water off the East Coast — and an impressive Arctic air mass driving towards all of that rising air,” DiMartino continued.

“When you have all these features come together, usually a big storm evolves … but as far as the details are concerned, I caution you not to jump on every model guidance that shows up, because a lot can change over the next couple of days,” he added.

DiMartino explained more in the YouTube video

[embedded content]

DiMartino said the storm’s exact timing, track, and impacts are still unknown. Such forecasts will be made available in the coming days. 

Another meteorologist by the name of Joe Bastardi, who runs WeatherBELL Analytics LLC, tweeted:

“Christmas week blizzard over the east with severe cold liable to cause thousands of travel-related cancellations as the pattern evolution been trying to show based on old school methods seem to be working out. Euro going ballistic.” 

We pointed out this week that a blast of Arctic air will sweep over parts of the Lower 48 around Christmas.

Meteorologists have yet to lock in any forecast, and there’s still a degree of uncertainty about the storm’s details, though some weather experts believe parts of the Northeast could be looking at a white Christmas. 


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