December 27, 2022 5:31 pm
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Video captured of the latest Russian oligarch falling out of his window … ? You can’t make this sh*t UP

A Russian critic of Putin died after falling out of a hotel window in India


From Yahoo News:

Pavel Antov, a Russian politician who criticized president Vladimir Putin for the invasion of Ukraine, has been found dead in India’s eastern state of Odisha.

Antov, a multi-billionaire, fell out of a hotel window on the third floor on Dec. 24. The incident happened two days after another Russian tourist, Vladimir Bidenov, who’s been traveling with Antov, died of a heart attack at the same hotel.

  • Odia language media reports claim that Antov, who was a member of a legislative region of Vladimir, was on a holiday. The reports also referred to his death as “suicide.” However, in a media statement given to a Russian news agency, Russia’s consul general Alexei Idamki merely said Antov “fell” out a window.

“We are closely following the investigation and receiving all the information from the Odisha police,” the envoy was quoted as saying by TASS news agency.

Soon after the news of Antov’s death broke, speculation began on social media.


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