January 3, 2021 2:11 pm
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Ted Launched a “Cruz Missile” Into The Heart of the 2020 Election [VIDEO]

Ted understands what President Trump means to the Republican base.

Even though the two of them got off to a rocky start, Trump and Ted forged a friendship, and Ted has a very deep understanding and respect for the “Trump phenomenon.”

That’s why, unlike so many others in the GOP, Ted has not abandoned his constituents and the 75+ million who voted for President Trump and believe that their vote was stolen, and he’s been speaking out and fighting for us.

And as we get closer to January 6th, Cruz is turning up the heat.

Ted is now launching a “Cruz Missile” into the very heart of the 2020 election sham and is demanding that every LEGAL vote is counted.

And that’s why he and about 12 other senators have said that they will object to the 2020 election results.

You can watch the video below:


Going quietly into the night, while Dems and the media jackals (led by Fox News) complete their steal, isn’t an option.

That’s why President Trump and these brave GOP warriors will fight for our votes on January 6th.

The bottom line is that we didn’t fight this hard for 5 years to roll over when the Deep State, Dems, GOP, media, and China strike the hardest.

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