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Robert Irwin Relives Memories Riding Late Dad Steve’s ‘Fixed Up’ Iconic Trail Bike

Conservationist Robert Irwin has paid homage to his father, the late Steve Irwin, in a very special way by riding his “fixed up” vintage Honda motorbike around Australia Zoo. The 17-year-old also recreated an iconic photo of his father sitting on the trail bike and shared it on social media.

“I have so many memories of Dad’s old motorbike,” Robert said on his Instagram page, “hanging on to the front with Bindi as we’d ride around the zoo with Dad.”

After being in the shed for a few years, the bike is “all fixed up and running again,” he said. “It’s so special to be riding it after all this time!”

Robert Irwin with the late Steve Irwin’s vintage Honda motorbike at Australia Zoo in Queensland on Feb. 12, 2021. (Courtesy of Robert Irwin via Australia Zoo)

In the original photo, Robert as a toddler sits upfront on his father’s trail bike, clinging onto the handlebars as Steve rides. In the new photo, Robert straddles the Honda in his signature khaki Australia Zoo uniform.

Both photos were taken on the grounds of Australia Zoo in Queensland. Since going live on Feb. 12, Robert’s post has received over 332,000 likes to date.

Steve Irwin passed away on Sept. 4, 2006. He sustained a fatal chest injury from a stingray barb while filming a marine documentary in Batt Reef, Queensland.

Fans and “Wildlife Warriors” flocked to the comments section to remark on Robert’s trip down memory lane.

Robert Irwin as a toddler sitting on the trail bike, clinging onto the handlebars as Steve Irwin rides. (Courtesy of Robert Irwin via Australia Zoo)

“Like many of us I grew up watching your father on TV and [it’s] amazing that you decided to follow in his footsteps but by carving your own path,” wrote one social media user, “much respect for you.”

“I can’t even begin to think how big your dad’s smile is right now,” wrote another.

Widowed wife Terri and the couple’s two children, Bindi and Robert, have found myriad ways to honor and remember their beloved Steve in the years since his passing. The Irwins even released never-before-seen episodes of Steve’s show, “The Crocodile Hunter,” on DVD in February to mark 50 years of Steve’s legacy, the family-run Australia Zoo.

Budding wildlife photographer Robert invited fans to “relive our special family moments and the incredible adventures that our dad got up to.”

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