April 7, 2021 1:41 pm
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Psaki Oddly Defensive When Asked About Caitlyn Jenner California Gubernatorial Run

Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly considering a run for California governor in the event that current Governor Gavin Newsom is recalled. A reporter asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about that, and Psaki appeared oddly uncomfortable.

“According to a report yesterday in Axios, we may soon have a prominent transgender gubernatorial candidate. It would be a Republican, Caitlyn Jenner in California—”

“Are you announcing her run?” Psaki asked.

“I’m not.”

“Are you working for her?” Psaki asked.

“I’m not, and I’m not asking you to endorse anyone, but I’m wondering if the White House welcomes this apparent LGBT milestone,” the reporter asked.

“We would welcome the freedom of any, any human uh participating in the Democratic process to run for office. Of course. And including of course transgender members of our comm— society.”

Sources revealed to Axios that long-term Republican Jenner is working with Caroline Wren, who has been a GOP fundraiser. The two met when they were both working with the LGBT advocacy group American Unity Fund.

Neither Wren nor Jenner gave a comment to Axios.

Newsom has been threatened with a recall campaign that has soared to 2 million signatures. Democrats have come to his aid.


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