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🚨"If this isn't the weaponization of government, I don't know what is?"

#MakeNoNockWarrentsIllegal #FBIExposed #ATFEXPOSED

ATF agents in full SWAT gear approached the front door.

They had a piece of tape ready to cover the camera lens of the doorbell camera, which they did.

Next, Mrs. Malinowski heard only a loud crash as her front door caved in.

This Brian Malinowski story is wild, and it makes me feel like maybe the ATF is the bad guy.

Check this out.

Her husband Brian woke up to the sound of the crash, found a pistol, loaded a magazine, and left the bedroom to investigate.

Brian warned his wife to stay behind in the bedroom, but Mayor stubbornly followed him down the hallway.

The ATF apparently killed electricity to the home.

The front room was usually well lit at night, but Mrs. Malinowski saw only darkness as she peered down towards the front entryway.

She could only see shadowy outlines of presumed home invaders standing in her front hallway.

That's what Brian saw too. Brian fired a few shots at the intruder's feet to drive them back out of the front door.

The ATF shot Brian in the head. His wife was standing inches away from him.

A mere 57 seconds. 57 seconds elapsed from the time agents covered the doorbell camera until gunshots erupted and Brian was fatally wounded.

60246 to 60343. Agents immediately dragged Mrs. Malinowski into the front yard.

She was barefoot, wearing minimal night clothing, and the temperature was 34 degrees.

They locked her in the backseat of a car and detained her there for four hours. refusing her many requests to check on her husband wouldn't allow her to get close or even use the neighbor's bathroom.

Even though policies have been in place at both the

ATF and the Little Rock Police Department for the past three years requiring the use of body-worn cameras when executing any search warrant, the Department of Justice tells us that no body cameras were used.

If this isn't the weaponization of government, I don't know what is. I completely agree

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