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🚨Exposing the Obama Bush Scandal that hacked America: ‼️👇

Hacked all of America including Trump, SpyGate RussiaGate ObamaGate Crossfire Hurricane🧐 #CrossfireHurricane

Brennan and Clapper tried to blackmail George Bush for the 911 ✈️🏨 stuff and ended up getting fired and almost thrown in Gitmo.

Timothy Blixseth speaking with Sheriff Mike Zulu and Sheriff Joe Arpaio AZ.

The claim that someone had obtained and changed Obama's birth certificate documents.

It was said that Hillary Clinton made a great deal out of it. An incident involving a young guy who worked for Brennan at the CIA was linked to him.

Brennan changed the birth certificate when he was in an analytical group. #birthcertificate #Obama #conspiracy #CIA #HillaryClinton

100% proof Barack Obama's birth certificate is fake AF There is no denying this. Especially yall mofos with trust the science sht‼️👇

Don't even try to say it has been debunked because it hasn't.

No matter how many times you hear someone say it has been debunked it will not change the science and facts.

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Learn what the government doesn't want you to know. Fact‼️ The most Censored Person in the world‼️ Everything you was taught is a lie!!! 🕵️‍♂️Check my 🔥THREADS🔥 🔍✨TruthSeeker #SeekingTheTruth