March 30, 2023 7:43 pm
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North Carolina College To ‘Revise Policies’ After Drag Queen Lap Dances On Teenage Girl

Authored by Bill Pan via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

A North Carolina public school said it’s going to “revise campus policies” after a video went viral on social media showing a drag queen invited to the school’s LGBT pride event performing a lap dance on an apparent teenage student.

Forsyth Technical Community College campus in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. (Google Street View)

In a clip obtained and shared by Twitter account Libs of TikTok on Tuesday, a male performer in drag is seen straddling and gyrating on top of an unidentified teenage girl, who is sitting in the middle of the floor on a chair.

As the video pans around the room, younger children of about elementary school age can be seen among the cheering and laughing spectators.

The footage was recorded during the March 22 LGBT pride festival hosted by Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem. The college’s main campus serves students as young as 14 years old.

A promotional flyer posted alongside the video by Libs of TikTok featured photos of four drag queens and advertised a “drag performance” and “free food, drinks, music & activities,” but did not include any minimum-age requirement to attend.

The college administration confirmed that this event was open to all students on campus, initially maintaining that it didn’t do anything inappropriate.

“Forsyth Tech is committed to being a place of promise for our students. In order to fulfill that promise, we have clearly spelled out our mission, vision and equity statements,” the school said in a statement provided to Libs of TikTok. “These students, like all college students, are open to attend any student event.

As the social media backlash mounted over the lap-dancing video mounted, however, the school eventually said they will consider reviseing “policies and procedures” about age restrictions in future events.

Parents of children under 18 were not notified of this event in advance,” the school’s chief officer of student success, Paula Dibley, told Fox News on Wednesday.

“We have been in close contact with our early college school leadership and are talking with both leaders and parents about how we can revise campus policies and procedures regarding early and middle college students’ attendance at campus events,” Dibley added.

The festival was also joined by the Forsyth County Health Department, which set up a free HIV and sexually transmitted disease testing site at the event. Despite earlier support, the health agency is now trying to distance itself from the activities in the wake of intense backlash.

Our staff was aware that there would be drag performances but was not involved with planning the event and had no information regarding the age of the attendees,” Forsyth Public Health Director Joshua Swift said in a statement, adding that they spent $58 on supplies using its operational budget, funded locally and in-part by the state.

We do not condone the actions that allegedly took place during the event,” the health official said.

Chaya Raichik, the woman behind Libs of TikTok, gained a Twitter following of over 2 million by posting unaltered videos of leftist educators discussing how they indoctrinate their usually young students into radical race and sex ideologies. She has been accused of spreading right-wing anti-LGBT conspiracy theories, although all the clips she published were originally posted on TikTok by the leftists themselves.

When it comes to things like radical gender theory and critical race theory, we’ve been told by the far-Left that it’s not happening,” Raichik said earlier this year in an interview on EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” program.

“[When it comes to] the drag queen entertainment for children we’re told, ‘Oh, it’s not happening. These things are not happening. It’s a Right-wing conspiracy theory,’” she continued. “And then, I come in with firsthand evidence of teachers and drag queens talking about these things and saying, ‘Yes, I’m doing this.’”


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