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Michael Savage: Biden Administration ‘Destroying’ Our Identity as a Nation — ‘They’re Erasing Us’

The Biden administration is “destroying our identity as a nation” and essentially “erasing us,” according to conservative radio legend Michael Savage, who warned that U.S. borders are being “dissolved” and American culture “bastardized.”

Appearing on Newsmax TV’s The Count on Saturday, the New York Times best-selling author addressed the “full-scale invasion” being abetted by President Joe Biden.

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Savage, who coined the mantra “borders, language, culture,” noted that “every nation on Earth” is defined by these three things.  

“Just ask the Ukrainians or the Russians about borders, language, and culture,” he said. “The Mexicans certainly are proud of their borders, and their language, and their culture. The Guatemalans are real proud of their language, their borders, and their culture.” 

Recalling his own background as the son of an immigrant and a first-generation American, Savage contrasted the conditions of those who immigrated legally in the past with those flooding the border today.

“Anyone who came over remembers the movie The Godfather when young Vito has tuberculosis, they make him stay in quarantine. Why? Because they protected the indigenous population. They didn’t bend over backwards for the immigrants,” he said. “Wherever they were coming from, if you were diseased, they put you in quarantine.” 

“Now we have scabies, tuberculosis, [and] five other diseases that have been suppressed in America — now coming in with these dolls that we’re bringing in over the border,” he added. 

According to Savage, the real question is who is behind the current crisis and why. 

“We can see [DHS Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas; we can see [President] Biden, we can see the fingerprints of [former President Barack] Obama,” he said. “This is internationalism. They’re destroying our identity as a nation.”

He accused the Biden government, as well as those across the Western nations, of betraying its own people. 

“It’s what ancient conquering emperors did by importing mass populations from alien — and I’ll say it — alien, hostile cultures and deliberately planting them throughout the country,” he said. 

“Western nations are fundamentally changing the existing populations,” he added. “In other words, they’re erasing us; they want us gone.”

Savage then laments that no party truly represents the American people’s interests any longer.

“Where the hell are the Republicans? Where did they go? Where’s the opposition party?” he asked as he accused Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of “lov[ing]” the mass influx of immigrants.

“Mitch McConnell wants this invasion, just as [Majority Leader] ‘Chucky’ Schumer wants the invasion, just as [former House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi wants the invasion,” he claimed.

Reiterating that no matter its size, a nation is defined by borders, language, and culture, Savage warned that “when they dissolve our borders and they bastardize our culture and they change our language — there is no nation anymore.” 

“That is Biden and his criminal gang in plain English,” he explained.

Savage, who rose to the heights of talk radio and was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2016, slammed the media for ignoring the matter.

“I tried to see the invasion yesterday, when Title 42 was lifted, [and] you couldn’t find it on Fox News — they didn’t even have it on Fox News!” he exclaimed. 

“You turn on local television, you got the clowns, the local news clowns, [and] not one word about the invasion,” he added.

He also criticized the “white people walking around the suburbs” who appear indifferent on the matter.

“I’ve never seen anything like this, like a nation of dummies,” he said. “They don’t even know that they’re being invaded by an army … mainly of single, young, military-aged men.”

Highlighting how migrants now have “nicer haircuts than I do,” as well as new sneakers and clothing, Savage accused Catholic and other religious charities of providing them with such luxuries at the expense of taxpayers. 

“Never forget who is behind this: Hebrew [Immigrant] Aid Society, Catholic Charities, Lutheran [charities] … They’re making billions of dollars,” he said. “Catholic Charities got 40 billion dollars last year from the federal government to give them new sneakers and haircuts and a welcome wagon.”

“So, don’t think this isn’t about money because it is,” he added.

Savage clarified that his criticism of Catholic Charities is not an attack on Catholic people “because Catholic Charities is a wholly owned business subsidiary of the once separated Catholic church.”

“It’s like Al Sharpton and the thing he runs that’s called a non-profit to make money. It’s a fortune being made and who’s paying for it? We are. We’re buying them the sneakers, we’re buying the backpacks,” he said.

He also claimed that President Joe Biden placed the military on the border in order to “make sure the border patrol didn’t do its job.” 

“That’s what the military was put there for, to make sure no one actually looked in the bag, to see what was in the bag,” he said.

Savage lamented today’s “upside down” world “whether it’s the subway hero who should be given the key to the city, who is now being indicted in handcuffs and being given a perp walk, or illegal aliens, who should be blocked from coming in and investigated before coming in, and inspected before coming in, and who are now being put ahead of U.S. military veterans, some of whom are living on the streets.” 

Calling out the “double whammy” of an “invasion at the border” coupled with “armies of homeless vagrants in our streets,” Savage argued that the unprecedented flood of migrants is clearly “purposeful, to destroy the middle class” in the U.S.

Addressing those who call on him to be more “welcoming” to immigrants given his immigrant background, Savage noted that his grandparents arrived in the U.S. when there was “no welfare.” 

“Don’t give me that nonsense about the Statue of Liberty and Emma Lazarus’ statement: ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,’” he said. “Sure they wanted to come here, but anyone knows there was no welfare state when they came here.”

“They lived 16 to a room, and they worked in the coal mines and the steel mills; they worked in the garment center; they worked like slaves and they were glad to be here compared to where they came from,” he added.

In contrast, Savage explained, “now they come here, they spit on our flag and they tell you you’re mean if you don’t give them culturally appropriate food,” referring to complaints migrants have voiced over food provided to them in the Big Apple.

“Remember what happened in New York a few months ago? They put them up in a four-star hotel and they rejected the food because it wasn’t appropriate to their culture,” Savage said. 

“Have you ever heard anything like this? This is under Biden, and it’s purposeful,” he added. “A nation is defined by its borders, language, and culture, but most importantly it’s defined by its leadership. Who can say that Joe Biden is a proper leader, other than a crazy Leninist; and I don’t even want to use the word Marxist anymore, it doesn’t apply — Leninist, Maoist applies.”

On former President Donald Trump, Savage expressed his fondness for the leading Republican nominee.

“Look, I love Donald Trump …,” he said. “What you see is what you get with Donald Trump. He’s unbelievable. He’s like the Energizer Rabbit. He just doesn’t stop. Nobody has defeated him yet and I pray to God that he can take more of it because I certainly couldn’t take what he’s been taking.”

Referencing his 2017 book, Trump’s War, Savage explained that “we the people need to fight that war because he’s our general and we are his armies in plain English.” 

“That’s what I think of Trump,” he added. “He’s the general and we the people are his real armies, period.”

Savage’s comments come as the Biden administration continues to face criticism over its open border policies, with the surge of migrant crossings only expected to increase following the termination of the Title 42 migrant removal protocol.

Without the policy in effect, Biden officials have admitted that up to half a million border crossers and illegal aliens — the equivalent of the population of Atlanta, Georgia — could arrive at the border monthly.

The U.S. continues to face record-high levels of illegal immigration, with over 844,000 migrants either apprehended after crossing the southwest border or classified as “got-aways” during the first quarter of fiscal year 2023.

Within just the first two years under the Biden administration, Border Patrol agents have apprehended a record-setting 4.2 million migrants.

In March, Savage warned that “we’re living in unprecedented times that are mimicking that of the Soviet Union,” adding that “people have to know history in order to not repeat it.”

Previously, he argued that Biden is the “worst” president to lead the country during his lifetime, claiming a “criminal enterprise [is] running the country,” while highlighting the border crisis, the Afghanistan withdrawal, the return to energy dependence, and the “authoritarian” COVID-19 mandate.

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