December 27, 2019 9:07 am
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JoshWho OS – Have fun on your Computer again and say Goodbye to Microsoft.

JoshWho OS – Ready To Use Free Desktop Operating system. 

Replace your Windows OS today for free. This is a custom build from Linux Mint 18 and the Ubuntu Project.

JoshWho OS will make your old computer run like new and will make it more secure as well.

This build is designed to make it easier for people transitioning from Windows to Linux.

JoshWho OS is the easiest and closest version of Linux for people that are use to the way Windows works. 

Linux is a way more secure operating system that will keep your computer running fast and can also increase your privacy. Viruses are no longer a threat in the Linux world.

No more need for a Antivirus Running in the background draining your CPU. 

Did I mention this OS is 100% free? Thats right Free. JoshWho OS is 100% open source Linux. To start using this all you have to do is download it and Burn it to a DVD or make it a Bootable Flash Drive, instructions are below.

JoshWho OS Pre Installed Software includes:


JoshWho TV Desktop App

Waterfox Browser (blocks ads and trackers w/ built in vpn)

Chromium Browser (Open Source Browser)

Brave Browser (blocks ads and trackers w/ built in vpn)

LibreOffice – ( like Microsoft office but better and 100% free)

Telegram Desktop Messenger

Skype Messenger

Discord App

VLC Media Player

Kazam Screen Recorder

Hand Brake (a easy video file size shrinker)

Wine (Tool for running Windows exe applications)

JoshWho OS v.2.7 2022
JoshWho OS v.2.7 2022

JoshWho OS 64bit

Mirror Link 1 

Mirror Link 2

Size: 6.0G
Version: 2.7
Published: December 15, 2021

MD5 Hash: a55fdf5c9f20e7cc0312c47af57974ca JoshWho-OSv2.7.iso


Either Burn this to a DVD with ImgBurn or Make it a Bootable Flash Drive with Rufus

Once you have it Burned to DVD or on a USB flash drive insert the media into your computer and reboot it.

If your computer is not reading your DVD or Flash Drive at the start then press F12 after a reboot and keep pressing until it asks you which one you want to boot.

Select Either USB or your DVD depending whatever you chose and It will start running.

1.The first option Boot the JoshWho-OS Desktop will let you test it out without installing it.

2. The Second Option DIrect Install JoshWho-OS will install it on to your computer.

Default Username: leet

Default Pass: password

Follow the instructions and you will be done in no time.

You can also use this as a portable OS that can just run on any computer you plug it into using the Live Drive and you can also repair or access your windows files booting with this OS if you ever get locked out.

The installing of this OS is for experienced people that have done OS installs before. It is not too complicated but if you never installed a OS before please watch some Youtube Videos on how to install Linux Operating systems or others.

Watch Tutorial Videos Here:

How to make JoshWho OS a Bootable USB Stick

 How To Burn a Bootable DVD


JoshWho OS v.2.7 2022
JoshWho OS v.2.7 2022

JoshWho OS 64bit

Mirror Link 1 

Mirror Link 2

Size: 6.0G
Version: 2.7
Published: December 15, 2021

For Previous Versions go here: Other Versions

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December 28, 2019 5:38 pm

Is this workable as VM?