August 6, 2022 4:03 pm
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Indiana Enacts Near Total Abortion Ban

Following on the heels of a ban in Georgia, Indiana is the latest state to end abortion after the Supreme Court ruled that the practice is not a constitutional right and that laws regarding abortion must be decided by the states.

Media pundits were quick to attack the decision while applauding Kansas for its blocking of similar restrictions. 

There are numerous claims that abortion laws are a losing proposition for conservatives going into the November election and that Republican candidates face sure defeat.  However, pro-abortion protests have been far smaller than many expected after the Supreme Court confirmed what illegal leaks had hinted at – That Roe v. Wade was about to be undone.  Activist groups have left little impression that conservatives face some kind of “reckoning” in the fall.  

Abortion as a convenient form of birth control is perhaps not as appealing a notion as the far-left imagines.  Indiana’s near total abortion ban will take effect on September 15th.

At least 26 states are certain or likely to ban abortion in the coming months.  Though Kansas was seen as a “surprise” given its reputation as a conservative state,  the fact that they have a Democrat governor and they supported pandemic lockdowns well after most red states ended them should have been clear signs that Kansas is more blue than many people believe.  It was never even on the list of states that are seen as a threat to abortion activists. 

Far from being a crushing policy for conservatives, abortion bans are more likely to act as a litmus test for state governments and their dedication to conservative causes (such as the right to life for all innocent individuals including the unborn).  Red state governments that don’t act to reverse abortion practices would be seen as suspect.  By the end of this year most Americans will know exactly what kind of state they are living in. 

If the covid lockdowns and restrictions didn’t make this clear, the battles over Roe v. Wade will certainly clarify things.     

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