January 3, 2021 7:57 pm
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GOP senators call for an election commission last used in 1876 to investigate fraud

A group of GOP senators is planning to challenge electoral votes during the official counting before a joint session of Congress on Wednesday. They are opposing to encourage Congress to create an electoral commission to investigate voter fraud like what was used in the 1876 election that resulted in the election of Rutherford B. Hayes.

Unlike the recently thrown-out lawsuit led by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) which sought to give Vice President Mike Pence Pence the sole authority to deem which electors are valid and which will cast their vote for president, this new call is seeking a commission to study election fraud and irregularities in swing states and to make a decision on who should get electoral votes.

This has happened before—the last time being in 1876 and it resulted in Rutherford B. Hayes winning the presidency, as reported by Fox News.

As reported by SaraACarter.com, at least 12 senators and senators-elect are planning to object to the certification on Wednesday.

The group now includes Senator’s Ted Cruz (R-TX), Ron Johnson (R-WI), James Lankford (R-OK), Steve Daines (R-MT), John Kennedy (R-LA), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Mike Braun (R-IN).

Several senators-elect plan to object, including Cynthia Lummis (R-WY), Roger Marshall (R-KS), Bill Hagerty (R-TN), and Tommy Tuberville (R-AL).

“We should follow that precedent. To wit, Congress should immediately appoint an Electoral Commission, with full investigatory and fact-finding authority, to conduct an emergency 10-day audit of the election returns in the disputed states. Once completed, individual states would evaluate the Commission’s findings and could convene a special legislative session to certify a change in their vote, if needed,” the statement said.

The last time this was implemented was in 1877 following the 1876 election, as reported by Fox. Election results from some states were disputed and Congress set up the commission to determine who the electoral votes should go to. In the end, all 19 of the votes were given to Hayes and he won the election by 1 electoral vote.

Some GOP sneators, like Lindsey Graham, are not getting behind the effort, instead he called it a “political dodge.”

Senator Lankford told Fox it’s actually “very simple.”

“We’ve asked a very simple question: Can we put together an electoral commission, have five senators, five House members, five members of the Supreme Court?” Lankford told Fox News. “This is exactly how it was set up in 1876 when there was three states that had all kinds of fraud issues. And so the election commission was set up at that time in 1876, just like this, to be able to study it, look at it, make recommendations. We think that’s a good plan. Obviously, there are millions and millions of Americans that think there are major issues with the election.”

Wednesday will involve many elected officials pulling different stops to ensure either Biden or President Trump wins—including perhaps resulting in techniques not used since the 1800s.

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