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GMRS is the New CB Public 2-way Radio – The Best Alternative communication for when the SHTF

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This is not a claim on frequencies or channels, just a simple way of networking on 2-way radios.

My Amazon Wish list here if u want to help

This is mainly for general conversation and a backup communication for or if SHTF, Alien Invasion, Doomsday, Whatever… lol basically for any use.

If you are in, or around the central Illinois Sangamon Springfield Area we monitor these frequencies and would love to build a regular radio community.

There is a National and Regional GMRS Net Repeater System (being built and at the moment is primarily in the North American area but will soon spread across the globe, when more tech is granted and allowed. These repeater networks make it possible for someone in Texas to talk to New York if they wanted too. Wherever a repeater is setup and linked to the National net, it can join the conversations with the rest of the community.

This really adds lots of excitement to the GMRS community because now it is possible to talk to people in long distances, and have fun like the hams do.

GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) is a fun FM 2-way Radio Service that allows you to buy a single license and allow your family to all talk on it. There is no test required and once purchased your license is good for 10 years.

Mobile Units and Base stations are allowed to use up to 50 watts and can cover a very long range depending your area and height of antenna. You can even purchase a cheap repeater to install in your neighborhood and as long as the antena(s) are high enough could cover your whole town just using handheld units.

GMRS Channels / Frequencies

  1. 462.5625 
  2. 462.5875
  3. 462.6125
  4. 462.6375
  5. 462.6625
  6. 462.6875
  7. 462.7125
  8. 467.5625
  9. 467.5875
  10. 467.6125
  11. 467.6375
  12. 467.6625
  13. 467.6875
  14. 467.7125
  15. 462.5500 
  16. 462.5750 Calling Freq
  17. 462.6000
  18. 462.6250
  19. 462.6500
  20. 462.6750 Emergency React Some use PL 141.3
  21. 462.7000
  22. 462.7250

Channel 16 GMRS is always being monitored and is best to use for calling and then u can continue conversations wherever.

My custom Special COM channels is a combination of GMRS/FRS and MURS channels with a PL Tone aka CTCSS setting of 254.1 I use with my friends and In case of Emergency Situations so we only hear each other outside the normal GMRS Traffic.

1. JWHO1  462.6750 – which is also GMRS Channel 20 using PL tone 254.1
2. JWHO2 462.7000 – which is also GMRS Channel 70 using PL tone 254.1
3. JWHO3 462.5625 – which is also GMRS/FRS Channel 1 using PL tone 254.1
4. JWHO4 151.8200 – which is also MURS Channel 1 using PLtone 254.1
5. JWHO5 151.9400 – which is also MURS Channel 3 using PL tone 254.1

The last 2 channel which are MURS is VHF and is not too important. If u got dual band than go for it. 


Springfield Sangamon area Download my CSV file to make it easy to program your radios. DOWNLOAD CSV




No one is incharge, this is a community effort so please keep language clean, and be safe.

Radios I recommend for this, which are very cheap now on Amazon and Alibaba are,

Wouxun KG-805G GMRS Two Way Radio



The Wouxun KG-805G is the radio that professional GMRS users have been waiting for. It’s a true business quality radio designed with the needs of the GMRS power user in mind! It delivers 5 watts of power, repeater support, and exceptional audio quality with surprising ease of use.
 Free Shipping
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Availability: In Stock







Midland MXT400VP3 MicroMobile GMRS Radio Value Pack

  • Regular price$339.99


Boost your MXT400 performance to the max. This bundle features the 40-Watt MXT400 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio, an MXTA23 Antenna Mounting Bracket, MXTA24 6M Antenna Cord, and MXTA25 3 dB Gain Antenna. This product is compatible with all Midland FRS/GMRS walkie talkies.


  • Full 40 Watt Radio
  • 8 Repeater Channels
  • Compatible with Midland FRS/GMRS Walkie Talkies
  • 15 Hi-Power Channels
  • 142 Privacy Codes
  • Xtreme Range* – Up to 65 miles
  • Channel Scan
  • Keypad Lock
  • Monitor Mode
  • Digital Volume
  • Silent Operation
  • 3dB gain antenna increases range up to 2x
  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • GMRS License Required

*Note: Antenna, cable, and antenna mount sold separately.

What’s in the Box

  • MXT400 MicroMobile® 2-Way Radio
  • MXTA23 Antenna Mounting Bracket
  • MXTA24 6M Antenna Cable
  • MXTA25 3dB Gain Antenna
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Quick Start Guide


BTECH/Baofeng GMRS-50X1 50 Watt GMRS Repeater-Capable Two-Way Radio with Dual-Band Scanning Receiver 136-174 MHz (VHF) and 400-520 MHz (UHF)

myGMRS.com is an Authorized Distributor of BAOFENGTECH radios!


The GMRS-50X1 is a 50 Watt GMRS walkie talkie mobile radio compatible with all brands of FRS and GMRS radios. It is also compatible with GMRS repeaters. Channels are wideband and narrowband compatible. The GMRS-50X1 is also a VHF and UHF scanning receiver capable to add additional channels for receive only (such as NOAA weather and other channels of interest).


Requires an external antenna. The GMRS-50X1 is an ideal radio for users that need the maximum range from a base/home/or mobile environment. The GMRS-50X1 was designed in the heartland of the US (in South Dakota), the GMRS-50X1 is the best GMRS mobile radio available!


The GMRS-50X1 is compatible with all CTCSS (PL Tone) and DCS (DPL Tones) privacy tones from any other brand of walkie talkies. You can easily scan and select the tone needed to transmit and filter to hear only the conversations you want to hear!


  • Wideband or Narrowband Switchable
  • FM Broadcast Receiver (65 MHz – 108 MHz)
  • Large LCD Display (Multiple Selectable Text Colors)
  • Scanning Modes: Channel, Frequency, and Tone
  • High (50W) / Mid (20W) / Low (5W) Power Switchable
  • 50 CTCSS and 346 DCS Tones
  • Tone searching/scanning
  • Quad standby
  • PC programmable
  • Alpha-Numeric Channel Storage
  • Transmission Time Out (TOT)
  • Busy Channel Lock-Out (BCLO)


  • Speaker Mic
  • DC Cable
  • Radio & Mic Brackets
  • Mounting Hardware
  • User Guide



BTECH AMP-U25 Amplifier for UHF (400-480MHz), 20-40W Output (2-6W Input), Analog and Digital Modes, Compatible with All Handheld Radios: BTECH, BaoFeng, Kenwood, Yaesu, ICOM, Motorola


Boost your Handheld Walkie Baofeng Radio to 40 watts

UHF (400-480MHz)
  • 1.25M (220-225MHz)

  • UHF (400-480MHz)

  • VHF (136-174MHz)

  • Analog

  • Analog & Digital


About this item

  • Easily extend the communication range of your handheld radio; Use the AMP‑U25 to create: a mobile radio with a vehicle mounted antenna, a high power field radio with a field deployed antenna, a home/base radio attached to a mast. Your handheld radio connects in seconds and can just as easily disconnect and be taken on the go.
  • Kit Includes the necessary cables and interface connectors to easily connect to BTECH and BaoFeng Radios.
  • Recommended Accessory: Pair with the BTECH UT-72 Antenna or NMO-72 Antenna & compatible mount for an easy mobile or field deployed solution.
  • What’s Included: Amp Body, Mobile Mounting Bracket & Screw set, Radio to Amplifier Antenna Cable (SMA Female to SMA Male), Control Cable (K1 to K1), User Manual, Speaker Microphone & Hanger
  • BTECH is proud to be in the USA, which allows you to have the best available local support for any issue that may arise. BTECH only engineers and develops radio products. That brand focus allows you to have the best available radios and accessories with the most features, with real USA warranty and support.




Baofeng UV-S9 –

71R67eTsGBL. AC UY218

Yaesu FT-60R –

51C6Y+64RsL. AC SX300 SY300

Baofeng UV-5R <<<My Fav

61dsIRkRyCL. AC SX679

Get 2 of those ^^ and make a repeater get the cable

RPT 2K Relay Walkie Talkie K Head Two Way Radio Repeater Box for Baofeng UV 5R DM 5R GT 3TP Radio,K Head Radio Repeater Box.

Brand Tangxi
Item Dimensions LxWxH 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
Item Weight 2.82 Ounces
Water Resistance Level Waterproof
Frequency Range 400 – 470 MHz

About this item

  • TWO-WAY RELAY BOX: Handheld radios used currently on the market for basic use rate in 400-470MHz, most of the power 5W. In open call distance can reach 5-8 km, while in dense urban, but only a short distance of 1-2 km,or less. In order to have long-distance communication, we need a repeater
  • INTELLIGENT REPEATER: There is no need to change any part of the original walkie-talkie, just take two handheld walkie talkies. Two-way relay box plug does not divide input/output, two-way relay box forwarding mode: A machine receives B transmission, B machine receives A transmission
  • PORTABLE REPEATER: Use two handheld walkie talkie headset jacks to form a very practical small repeater through this relay box. The two-way relay box no power supply needed, plug and play. Intelligent operation, easy to use. Lightweight and compact, easy to carry. Both sides are 90cm/35.4in long
  • EASY TO USE: K port for Kenwood, Baofeng and most brand radios with the same connector. Repeater use for walkie talkie to increase talk distance above 10km, Receiving and transmitting two-way communication. All you need is just two handheld radios and connect the cables to the external mic/spk ports (2.5mm & 3.5mm)
  • WIDE APPLICATION: The link between the relay station and relay station, relay station signal coverage area of signal extension, the field construction of cable erection, underground mine, cave construction, culvert emergency rescue, V-U cross section relay, small basement and ground walkie talkie signal connection, large activities and other occasions emergency use.


For Mobiles or just a base a ANYSECU AnyTone AT-778UV Mobile Radio Dual Band VHF/UHF 136-174/400-480MHz Car Radio AT778 25W Walkie Talkie works great. You will need a 12V Power Supply if you want to use this indoors on regular house power.

51NXEbonqbL. AC

Antenna Authentic Genuine Nagoya UT-72 Super Loading Coil 19-Inch Magnetic Mount

About this item

  • Complete with Antenna, Magnet, SMA adapter & heavy duty Cable
  • PL-259 with included SMA Female adapter, Dual-Band VHF & UHF (137-174, 400-520 Mhz), Weatherproof, Strong Rare Earth Magnet Base
  • Super Loading Coil: By introducing a very tightly wrapped loading coil, it increases UHF reception and range
  • Easy To Install, Omni-Directional, Requires Metal Ground Plane, Measures 19 inches, Stainless Steel Antenna



















Fumei 2 Way UHF 400-500MHz Antenna Power Splitter 50W Two Way Radio Repeater Power Divider with N Female connectors

About this item

  • Divides the input signal energy into two way
  • High isolation between the power Divider output port
  • 400MHz-500MHz frequency is used in radio equipment
  • Contact us before order it if you want other connector type

 See more product details





Bingfu Ham Radio Antenna Adapter SMA Female to UHF SO239 Female RG58 Coaxial Jumper Cable 1m 3 feet for Handheld Ham Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Kenwood Wouxun Baofeng BF-F8HP UV-5R UV-82 BF-888S GT-3

3.3 feet / 1m Cable
  • 1 feet / 30cm Cable


  • 2 feet / 60cm Cable


  • 3.3 feet / 1m Cable


Connector Type Coaxial
Cable Type Coaxial
Color 3.3 feet / 1m Cable
Unit Count 1 Count

About this item

  • Compatible with: Handheld HT Two Way Radio Ham Radio Walkie Talkie Antenna Adapter Cable; Connector: UHF SO239 Female 50 Ohm Connector; Connector: SMA Female 50 Ohm Connector; Cable: RG58 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable; Length: 3 Feet / 1 Meter; Package List: 1 x Cable (As the Picture Shown);
  • Compatible with Ham Radio: BaoFeng UV-5R UV5RA UV-5RE BF-F8HP BF-F8 UV-82 UV-82HP BF-888S BF-88A UV-5X3 UV-5RM UV-9R BF-666S BF-777S BF-320 BF-480 BF-490 BF-V6 BF-V8 BF-F9 BF-F8Plus BF-388A GT-3 UV-5RB UV-5RC UV-5RD UV-5REPlus UV-5RG UV-5RQ UV-5RT UV-5S UV-5U UV-B5 UV-B6 ect.
  • Compatible with Ham Radio: Kenwood TK-208 TK-240 TK-250 TK-255 TK-260 TK-260G TK-270 TK-270G TK-272G TK-278 TK-278G TK-340 TK-349 TK-350 TK-353 TK-360 TK-360G TK-370 TK-370G TK-390 TK-380 TK-373G TK-372G TK-385TK-430 TK-431 TK-715 TK-2100 TK-2102 TK-2107 TK-2118 TK-2160 TK-2200 TK-2300 TK-2400 TK-2406M TK-2407M TK-3100 TK-3101 TK-3102 TK-3140 TK-3160 TK-3170 TK-3173 TK-3180 TK-3200 TK-3200L TK-3202 TK-3202LU TK-3207 TK-3300 TK-3400U TK-3402U16P ect.
  • Compatible with Ham Radio: Wouxun KG-659 KG-669 KG-679 KG-689 KG-699E KG-801 KG-816 KG-818 KG-819 KG-833 KG-889 KG-UVD1P; Linton LT-2288 LT-3288 LT-6288 LT-3188 LT-2188 LT-3260 LT-3268 LT6188 ect. Compatible with Marine VHF Two Way Radio: Cobra Handheld Floating VHF Radio MR HH125 HH350 HH350W HH450 HH500 HH600;
  • Compatible with Ham Radio: HYT TC-268 TC-268S TC-368 TC-368S TC-370S TC-500 TC-500S; TYT TH-F1 TH-F2 TH-T2 TH-T3 TH-F6 TYT-300 TYT-500 TYT-600 TYT-800 TYT-888; Puxing PX-777 PX-777 PLUS PX-666 PX-888 ect.

100 Feet – 30.4 M Coaxial Cable Connector – Antenna Cable – RG8X Coax Connector

  • 8 UHF RADIO CABLE: Steren’s premium RG8X Mini 50 Ohm coax cable.
  • STEP UP FROM RG58 COAX CABLE: For high-powered applications or users who want the best coax.
  • MULTI USE PL259 ANTENNA: Great as jumpers to an antenna tuner, switch, meter or your main antenna.
  • HIGH QUALITY: A RG8X coaxial cable pl259 is perfect for CB, Amateur and Two-Way Radio Applications.
  • FULLY MOLDED PL 259 CABLE: UHF to UHF antenna with male plug and nickel-plated connectors.
Product Specifications
Specification for this product family

Maxmoral 2-Pack PL-259 UHF Female to UHF Female Coax Cable Adapter S0-239 UHF Double Female C

About this item

  • S0-239 UHF female connector.Used for connecting two PL-259 connectors together.
  • Nickel plated and designed to offer the lowest VSWR rating of the two series
  • Size : 27 x 15mm/1.1″ x 0.6″ (L*D)
  • Commercial Grade UHF Series Adapters Nickel-Plated Machined Brass Construction
  • Package Content: 2 x UHF SO239 Female to Female Connector



You can use any radio that Has GMRS, and MURS capabilities just make sure to be on the correct frequencies and use the PL tone 254.1 for our JoshWho Channels

Check here for More GMRS Radios

Make Sure the radio is repeater capable.

How to Program a Baofeng UV-S9 / UV-5R

Hope this radio net grows big….

You do need a license for GMRS but 1 license covers your whole family and is currently $70.00 and covers you for 10 years. No test required just need to buy it.


I encourage everyone around the world to do a radio net for your local community. This should be normalized way more the the other BS floating around these days. Communication is very important and needs to stay strong.

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