June 30, 2022 10:46 pm
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German Chancellor: We’re Now Making ‘Real Investments’ in ‘Pipelines’

During a portion of an interview set to air on Sunday’s broadcast of “Face the Nation,” released on Thursday’s “CBS Evening News,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated that due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the country’s desire to avoid funding the war through energy purchases, “we are now doing real investments into technology and pipelines and ports” to get off of their dependence on Russian energy.

Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent and “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan asked, “Vladimir Putin can use that money [that he gets from German energy purchases] elsewhere, just not in the west. So, is it still $2 billion a month that Germany is sending to Russia?”

Scholz responded, “It is always decreasing and I once again say that we decided that we do the — that we draft the sanctions in a way that they hurt Putin, and this is what we do. And, once again, we are now doing real investments into technology and pipelines and ports. And I know there are people that sometimes think that, when you are — having [made] a decision one afternoon, the next morning, you have a port and a 40-[kilometer] pipeline. But in the real life, this is not happening.”

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