December 1, 2021 10:12 pm
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Exclusive — Rep. Chip Roy: ‘Forcing Vaccines’ on Kids and ‘Vax Mandates’ Offer ‘Possible Crossover’ Between Parties

Opposition to vaccine mandates is a possible bridge for some bipartisan consensus, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) estimated on Wednesday’s edition of the Breitbart Daily News podcast with host Alex Marlow.

“A lot of people — even moderate Democrats, independents, people who just aren’t that politically engaged — are fired up because they don’t want the state coming in and forcing vaccines onto their kids,” Roy stated. “Heck, even a Kennedy, right? I think it’s Robert Kennedy Jr. … just wrote a book about this and is leading that whole effort and that fight. So there’s some possible crossover here in a world in which we have very little crossover in saying that we don’t want to have the government step in here and force mandates.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book

Roy continued, “I do think there’s some bipartisan recognition here … whether it’s Robert Kennedy Jr. or others, that having the state step in and mandate vaccines on kids, mandate vaccines on people such that they lose their jobs, that’s touching a nerve.”

“[Republicans] should stand up and lead, and so on the vaccine mandate, let’s lead,” he added. “I think that galvanizes a majority of people who recognize that the power of the federal government should not be used in this way.”

Roy said House Republicans should unify in demanding the removal of funding for vaccine mandates in the upcoming vote on a continuing resolution to fund the federal government’s operations.

He said, “The fight that’s going to probably be ripe this week is the continuing resolution funding government, which expires. It has a hard stop on Friday night, and so that, I think, is going to be a question that’s going to drive consideration of vax mandates and whether Republicans will step up and fight to defund vax mandates and not spend any dollars to fund tyranny, forcing the American people to get jabs.”

Republican support for a continuing resolution to fund the federal government should be contingent on “defunding the vaccine mandates,” Roy held.

He remarked, “We should tie the vaccine mandate — defunding the vaccine mandates — to the funding of government. In other words, Republicans should stand in the way of funding government — even if that means shut down — if they’re not going to remove these onerous vaccine mandates.”

He concluded, “That simple question: Should any Republican vote to fund the government if the vaccine mandates remain in place, mandating that Americans get a jab or lose his or her job, whether they’re in defense or whether they’re in the private sector or in health care? The answer is clearly no. Republicans should stand on that wall for the American people.”

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