January 21, 2021 7:55 pm
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CNN’s Blitzer: ‘Encouraging’ Biden Admin ‘Wearing Masks’ and Showing You Have to

During an interview with Surgeon General nominee Dr. Vivek Murthy on Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” host Wolf Blitzer said it is “encouraging” that the Biden administration, is “wearing masks. They’re showing the American public you’ve got to do this.”

Blitzer began the interview by questioning Murthy on the Biden administration’s plan to administer 100 million coronavirus vaccines in 100 days and pointed out that the United States is already administering about 1 million vaccines per day on average and whether the Biden administration could set a higher bar.

He also asked Murthy about claims by sources within the Biden administration that there wasn’t a vaccine distribution plan and a statement by Dr. Anthony Fauci that the Biden administration isn’t starting from scratch.

Later on, he stated, “[W]hat’s encouraging is, right now, from the president on down, they’re wearing masks. They’re showing the American public you’ve got to do this. And you know, you can’t pretend it doesn’t exist.”

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