November 18, 2021 8:05 pm
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CBO: Amnesty, Migration Rise Costs $122 Billion over 10 Years

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says the amnesty provision and the immigration expansions in the Build Back Better (BBB) bill will cost taxpayers $121.7 billion over ten years.

But the agency does not calculate the additional costs that Americans will pay amid the flow of new migrants and foreign workers.

And the proposals would also cost the government $311 billion during the following 10 years, from 2032 to 2041, according to the CBO report.

The report is titled “Estimated Budgetary Effects of Title VI, Committee on the Judiciary, H.R. 5376, the Build Back Better Act.”

The huge cost of the amnesty are not central to the Democrats’ near-united push to vote the bill through the House, as soon as Thursday, November 18.

For example, legislators are also seeing claims from business lobbies that up-front costs of the amnesty will be offset when the inflow of workers and consumers expands the economy by many billions of dollars.

But the migrant-expanded economy is not good for American families. For example, families will pay rising rents and housing prices that will likely be caused by the inflow of perhaps three million chain migrants.

The establishment media is also hiding the scale of the migration expansion — likely to minimize the chances that it will be stripped from the Senate’s version of the bill by the Senate’s debate referee.

But the rising GOP opposition is forcing the advocates to defend their push: “These provisions would be largest update to our immigration system in 30 years,” admitted a November 3 tweet from the Niskanen Center, which supports the expansion of legal immigration.

The bill offers fast-track green cards for just $5,000 to at least one million foreign temporary contract workers who took outsourced jobs needed by Americans already in the United States. Those green cards would let them permanently work in the United States and also become U.S. voters after five years.

The promise of getting fast-track green cards will also help CEOs recruit another wave of foreign graduates instead of the young Americans now in college.

The bill will also allow millions of other poor chain migrants to buy their way into American society, housing markets, jobs, and schools, at a price of just $2,500 per family. The bill exempts these chain migrants from the annual caps, despite the huge economic impact on Americans and legal immigrants.

This flood of poor migrants would deliver millions of wage-cutting workers to minimum-wage employers. It would also provide millions of government-aided consumers to real estate companies, retailers, groceries, and government agencies — and so drive up housing prices for nearly all Americans and their children.

Labor migration is deeply unpopular because it damages ordinary Americans’ career opportunities, cuts their wages, and raises their rents.  Migration also curbs Americans’ productivity, shrinks their political clout, and widens regional wealth gaps. Migration also radicalizes Americans’ democratic, compromise-promoting civic culture, and allows elites to ignore despairing Americans at the bottom of society.

For many years, a wide variety of pollsters have shown deep and broad opposition to labor migration and the inflow of temporary contract workers into jobs sought by young U.S. graduates. This opposition is multiracial, cross-sexnon-racistclass-basedbipartisanrationalpersistent, backed by Democratic voters, and rests on the solidarity that Americans owe to each other.

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