September 6, 2022 4:51 pm
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Big Tech is Leading You to a Death Trap with COVID19 Vaccines – Blocking The Warning Signs from the Public

People really rely on Big Tech and the Mainstream Media to give them correct information.

UPDATE 12/1/2022 Twitter Sold to Elon Musk. Musk has removed all the COVID censorship that was stopping people from being warned.

The public is being lied to daily and will eventually be discovered throughout the years.

Covid vaccines are killing people and the Mainstream Medias, and Big Techs should be held fully responsible for the coverup of this mass genocide.

Did you know the mainstream media networks, All the Big Tech Platforms, Hollywood, Most Music Record Industries, and any paid big social media influencer, was paid by the Vaccine Companies to promote it, and get everyone in the world to take it?

watch full video here

We are talking billions of dollars all around the world paid to all local and national news networks, cable & satellite companies, and every government ran medical practice in the world.

They call this Vaccine hesitancy.  – I call it WARNING OTHERS they could die.

People want to know, what is going on with the data for all the reports about people dying just days after receiving any of the COVID19 vaccines. There has been hundreds of thousands of reports of vaccine injuries and deaths.


The V.A.E.R.S. data that every mainstream media outlet tries to claim is not factual data, you can get the same data sets directly from the HHS GOV CDC here

To get the same results from HHS and compare from the Open VAERS site you need to enter these fields in your CDC HHS Wonder Search:



Step 1. Group By SEX

Step 2. Select All Symptoms (default)

Step 3. Covid 19 (Covid19 Vaccine)

Step 4. ALL LOCATIONS, All Ages, All Genders

Step 5. Event Category: Death (leave the rest alone)

Click Send

They lie about this data being misrepresented. Here is a quick example of how they deny information.


(Person just received a vaccine. Person has heart attack within a couple hours, and has died. Family Reports to the V.A.E.R.S. database and somehow this does not count as a death by vaccine???)


Here is the Plain truth of it all.


US Patent:776521,

US Patent:7220852,

US Patent:4659,

US Patent:2703P,

US Patent:7279327


All these patents are so called “COVID19” Variants. This was never anything new, in fact it is over 20 years old.

The Pandemic that they say, they have no idea of how, why, or where it came from, and lied about it being natural.

This is a known man made bio weapon that DARPA and many other companies have been looking into for a long time.


Here is More info on the Patent filings.

Dr. David Martin – Video


COVID19 (SarsCOV2) is just a huge grift(Scam) to make a whole bunch of rich people, more rich than what they already were, and it is causing many injuries and deaths.

This is Criminal and has to be stopped.

Many Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts have been banned and deleted just for people telling their stories what happened to them.

This video was banned on all the big tech platforms.


There are many many channels from Youtube that has been purged, same for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

These are real people telling you their stories and big tech is silencing them from warning others about what can happen to them.  Big-tech is now just a 1984 dystopian environment. There is no real information you can get out of these platforms without trying to weigh through all the politics and narratives they are all aligned with.

These platforms are making it impossible for anyone to be warned about serious injuries and deaths and should be ashamed of themselves. They are all complicit to murder and work together to keep it all covered up.


The Mass Genocide Cover up – Video


COVID19 Genocide – Watching the World Die – Video


Athletes dying average age is now about 23 – Video

Today September 6th 2022 they announce that Ivermectin actually prevents DEATH from COVID19 by 92%

Amazing right?  Just think, all the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, emergency workers, etc… all Quit, or got fired from their jobs over something that was being lied about. Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, all banned for talking about Ivermectin.

They even tried to mock Joe Rogan over using ivermectin and called it horse medicine that you would only get from a veterinarian animal doctor.

People are actually dying and Big Tech and the Mainstream media is purposely trying to cover it all up.

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