September 3, 2020 9:16 am
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Barr ‘Destroys’ CNN On Voter Fraud And Universal Mail In Ballots

Attorney General William Barr laid it all out on the table in an interview with CNN host Wolf Blitzer Wednesday, discussing everything from whether he believed there’s systemic racism in law enforcement, the growing unrest and rioting, and the battle with Democrats over universal mail in ballots.

Barr didn’t hold back.

He told Blitzer unequivocally that universal mail in ballots were prone to fraud and that the November 2020 presidential election shouldn’t be a place for an experiment in it. He also pointed out that Democrats had long advocated against universal mail-in ballots, that is until President Donald Trump came to power.

He explained the difference between turning in an absentee ballot, which is when a citizen makes a request to vote by mail, and universal mail in voting when the ballots are mailed out using voter lists that many times are inaccurate. Those inaccuracies range from sending ballots to deceased citizens to sending ballots to wrong home addresses that have not been updated. There’s also serious concern about ballot harvesting. This happens when ballots are sent to a senior care facility, a disabled facility or mailed to any large group and then filled out by a third party.

“A bipartisan commission chaired by Jimmy Carter and James Baker said back in 2009 that mail-in voting is fraught with the risk of fraud and cohesion,” he told Blitzer, who was then trying to interrupt Barr to say it’s not that way now.

“Let me talk,” said Barr emphatically. “And since that time there’ve been in the newspapers in networks in academic studies saying it is open to fraud and coercion, the only time the narrative changed was after this administration.”

Eric Trump, among many other supporters of his father, lauded Barr’s interview saying he just “destroyed @CNN on universal mail in ballots – spot on!!”

Barr also stated that he did not believe there’s systemic racism in law enforcement and criticized Democrats for exacerbating an already dangerous situation in the nation.

“I do think that there appears to be a phenomenon in the country where African-Americans feel that they’re treated when they’re stopped by police frequently as suspects before they are treated as citizens,” Barr told Blitzer.

“I don’t think that that necessarily reflects some deep-seated racism in police departments or in most police officers…I think people operate very frequently according to stereotypes and I think it takes extra precaution on the part of law enforcement to make sure we don’t reduce people to stereotypes, we treat them as individuals,” Barr added.

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