August 12, 2022 9:23 am
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Alex Marlow: Actions Conservatives Should Take Instead of Complaining

Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow shared actionable political recommendations for conservatives on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily while warning against cynical despondency and resignation in response to an increasingly abusive and corrupt government.

Marlow offered his remarks in response to a caller named Wayne, who asked how dissidents can best respond to government and aligned institutions that are “baiting us into an altercation.”

Wayne asked, “What do we do? What can we do?”

Marlow replied, “This is a question that every Republican politician should have a good answer [for] on the top of their mind. I’m not a Republican politician. I’m trying to report the news and do some analysis with you. So I don’t know how crisp this will be, Wayne.”

He began by warning against philosophical and political self-censorship among family, friends, and peers. The power of persuasion, he said, begins at the personal level.

“First of all, we all have to vote,” he stated. “We all have to get 10,000 people registered to vote. It’s inexcusable to anyone in our life who’s remotely convincible to not vote for Democrats, to allow them to vote for Democrats. You have to try to persuade them at all costs and find a way to get through to them the best way you can. It’s not usually yelling at them or beating them over the head, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but over time.”

Voters must hold elected officials accountable, Marlow held, adding a list of contemporary policy priorities.

He continued, “It’s to work very hard to make sure that when Republicans get into office, they need to make sure that there is no more viewpoint discrimination in social media. They need to make sure there’s accountability in every single election that we have. You need to make sure the borders are secure and that we’re not importing generations of undocumented Democrats. They need to make sure the voter rolls are cleaned up. They need to refine how we do elections so that you can’t vote three months before an election and then nine days after an election; all that needs to go away. We need voter IDs at the polls.”

Marlow called for the cultivation of political talent and deepening of civic engagement.

“We need to get local and get people grooming the next generation of talent, getting people civically engaged, making it cool to be civically engaged at a local level, and try[ing] to start identifying, spotting, and supporting talent over the next generation of politicians,” he urged. “That’s where it starts.”

Marlow emphasized patience as a virtue combined with orderly organization as opposed to reflexive reactions in the context of his guidance.

He said, “It cannot be done overnight, and we would like for things to be done overnight. You see a raid on Trump that happens overnight. You feel like the country’s changed for the worse, and it has, and sadly, the solution is not something we can do just by marching on the Capitol on January 6. That was not the answer. The answer is going to be much longer, much harder.”

Marlow concluded by highlighting the importance of decentralizing federal government organizations in a logistical sense.

“Of course, the most important thing of all, whoever gets to Washington next, you’ve go to drain the swamp,” Marlow stated. “You’ve got to fire all the career bureaucrats. You’ve got to put term limits on bureaucrats, and you’ve got to get as many agencies out of the beltway as you can and get them in the middle of America.”

He closed by emphasizing civic involvement as a remedy to unethical government.

“We need to vote out everyone who is not a fighter,” he asserted. “You’ve got to find your way to do your part, and it’s beyond just showing up and passively voting at this point.”

Breitbart News Daily broadcasts live on SiriusXM Patriot 125 weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Eastern.

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